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The ORC Sportsboat Championship will be held at Warnemünde, Germany, from 3th to 8th July 2006. The regatta is organized by the Warnemünder Segel Club ( WSC ) under the authority of the Offshore Racing Congress ( ORC ) and with the support of the Internat
The Regatta Office Warnemünder Woche until the race is located at: Warnemünder Segelclub e.V., Yachthafen Mittelmole, 18119 Warnemünde
Telefon:+49 381 52340, Fax: +49 381 5193523 e-mail.
wscev@wscev.de, homepage: www.warnemuender-woche.com
The race-event place will be:
Yachthafen Hohe Düne
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde
e-mail: info@yachthafen-hohe-duene.de
homepage: www.yachthafen-hohe-duene.de
Organizing Authority:
Warnemünder Segel Club e.V. (WSC), Yachthafen Mittelmole,
18119 Warnemünde, Germany
Phone: +49 381 52340, Fax: +49 381 519 35 23
e-mail: wscev@wscev.de
Websites: www.warnemuender-woche.com , www.ISRA-sail.com

An International Jury appointed by the German Sailing Federation in accordance with the prescriptions of RRS App. N2 will supervise the event. Decisions of International Jury are final and not subject to appeal.
Boat Eligibility:
The regatta is open to all Sports Boats which comply with the Sports Boat Rules of the ORC – Green Book with following amendments:
• Sport Boats with trapezes are not eligile
• Special Regulations Category 5 will apply
The series will be governed by:
• Racing Rules of Sailing 2005/2008 ( RRS )
• International Measurement System ( IMS )
• IMS Regulations, where applied
• Special Regulations Cat. 5
• ORC Sportsboat Class Rules
• ISAF Regulation 19
• Notice of Race
• Sailing Instructions
• Any subsequent amendment made by the Race Committee and / or the International Jury

In case of a conflict between the above rules and regulations and the Sailing Instructions and / or the official notices of the Race Committee or the International Jury, the decision of the International Jury shall prevail. ( English text shall prevail )
The series are classified as Category C event under the ISAF advertising code, regulation 20.
Intended changes racing rules by the Sailing Instruction:
• All participating yachts shall keep ready valid measurement certificates or confirmed copies. (Supplement RRS 78)
• Supplementation RR4 Decision to race, according to point 5 in this notice of race
• Yachts failing to start within 4 minutes after their starting signal will be scored "Did not start". (Supplement RRS 28.1)
• Appendix P - Immediate Penalties for breaking RRS 42 - applies. A request for redress reagarding this rule of the Sailing Instructions will be denied. This alters RRS 63.1 .
• Alteration of RRS 66. On the last day of racing requests by yachts to reopen a hearing will be accepted not later than 30 minutes after the announcement of the decision.
• For incidents outside the two-Length Zone RRS 44.1 and 44.2 are modified by replacing "Two-turns penalty" with "One-turn penalty"
• Protest time limit shall begin with the finish of the last race of the day in the same racing area and shall end after 60 minutes. (Supplement RRS 61.3)
• A race will be finished not later than 30 minutes after the first yacht has finished the race. Boats not finishing within this time limit will be scored DNF. (Supplements RRS 35 and A 4.1)
• A Boat that violate RRS 28.1 will be scored as DNF. A protest hearing is not necessary.(Change RRS 63.1)
• Code flag "L" displayed on the finishing vessel means: 'A further race will be started'. (Changing the definition flag "L" against RRS definition)

The organizers reserve the right to alter the program. Alterations will be posted on the "official Notice board" near the race offices. The Sailing Instructions and the schedule may be changed by written notices on the official notice board. Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted before 09.00 on the day it will take effect. Changes to the schedule of races will be posted by 20.00 on the day before it will take effect. The alternations shall be valid for the following day.
The event will take place in Warnemünde ( Baltic Sea / Germany ) with following programme:

• Monday 3rd July: Inspection ( 10:00 until 19:00 ) & Registration – Briefing
• Tuesday 4th July: first Race 10:00 Lt. Windward – leeward races
• Wednesday 5th July: Windward – leeward races
• Thursday 6th July: Windward – leeward races
• Friday 7th July: Windward – leeward races
• Saturday 8th July: Windward – leeward races, last possibility of start 14:00Lt., Prize giving, Sportboat Party

The Series shall be valid if at least four races are completed. There will be one discard from the 4th valid race on. On the same day maximum 3 races may take place. There will be a maximum 15 races in the Series.
Formal entries will be made on the official Entry Form and must be received, completed in full, with a copy of the current IMS or ORC Club certificate and a copy of a valid third-party liability insurance, by the Warnemünder Segel Club not later than 2nd June 2006.
Late entries may be accepted at discretion of the Organizing Authority till 19th June 2006.
Registration formalities shall be completed prior 15:00 on 3rd July 2006 at the WSC Race Office, including the crew list with individual weight and the final certificate.

The entry fee of € 250,- (non–refundable) should be made payable to WSC by bank transfer to:

Deutsche Bank 24
Konto of the Warnemünder Segel-Club
Bank account :29 14 54700
Bank code :130 700 24
IBAN : DE42 1307 0024 0291 454700

The receipt has to include information about class, sail number and name of the helmsman. It has to be shown on entry.
A yacht, starting without being able to prove that the entry fee has been paid, will not be scored.
Each entry shall be made and signed on the attached entry form only.
Entries telefaxed and e-mail will be accepted only, if the original entry form is used and the entry fee is paid at the same time.

If entered the entry fee shall be paid, even if the entry is being cancelled later, or the boat does not show up. Entry fees will not be refunded.

The entry fee for late entries is € 300,-
Yachts shall be available for inspection at the yacht harbor "Hohe Düne" of Warnemünde not later than 13:30 on Monday 3rd July 2006.
Starting procedure :
Races will be started in accordance with RRS 26.
The Inshore Time on Time scoring will be used (Scoring Option “C” of the ORC-Club certificate).
The Low Point Scoring System of RRS Apendix A will apply, except the value of first place finish shall 0.75 instead of 1.00.
• Trophy to winner ORC Sportboat European Championship 2006
• Cups to the second and third classified yacht
• Cups to the winner of each race
Sailing Instructions:
Sailing Instructions will be available for each entrant on completion of all registration formalities.
The entry fee includes a free moorings from Saturday in yacht harbor "Hohe Düne" 1st July to 9th July 2006.
Sail Limitation:
Only one set of sails in accordance with the class rules shall be used during the Series. Replacement of damaged sails may be allowed subject to approval of the International Jury.
The Organizing Authority may require all boats to hoist a sponsor’s pennant and / or to apply a sponsor’s decal to both sides of the bow for the duration of the regatta, immediately after registration until 1 hour after the finish of the last race and, whilst in port, boats may be required to fly the event flag. The pennant, the event flag and the decal will be provided by the Organizing Authority.
All those taking part in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.
The Organizing Authority or any other party involved in the organization of the event will accept no liability whatsoever for any personal or material damage (including death, injury, consequential damage, etc.) sustained prior to, during or after the series. A valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of 500.000,- € ( Euro ) per event or the equivalent amount in currency of the country of registration must exist for every participating boat. All owners shall deposit with the final Entry Form a copy of this insurance, valid for the duration of the Championship. The attention of competitors is drawn to ISAF Part 1 Fundamental Rule 4 : a boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing.
Exclusion of liability
Exclusion of liability – limitation of liability – cognitive clause
Exclusion of liability – limitation of liability – cognitive clause
The responsibility for the decision of a coxswain to participate in a race or to continue with it is solely with him, to that extent he also takes the responsibility for his crew. The coxswain is responsible for the qualification and the correct nautical conduct of his crew as well as for the suitability and the transport-safe condition of the registered boat.
In cases of Force Majeure or on grounds of administrative orders or for safety reasons, the organizer is entitled to make changes in the realisation of the event or to cancel the event. In these cases there does not exist any liability for compensation of the organizer to the participant.
In case of a violation of obligations that do not constitute primary respectively material contractual duties (cardinal obligations), the liability of the organizer, no matter because of which cause in law, for material and property damages of all kinds and their consequences that arise to the participant during or in connection with the participation in the event resulting from a conduct of the organizer, his representatives, servants or agents, is restricted to damages that were caused wilfully or grossly negligent. When a violation of cardinal obligations occurs, in cases of simple negligence the liability of the organizer is limited to foreseeable, typically occurring damages. To the extent that the liability for damages of the organizer is excluded or restricted, the participant also relieves the staff - employees and representatives, agents, servants, sponsors and individuals who provide or drive salvage, safety or rescue vessels or assist with their use - from the individual liability for damages, as well as also all other individuals who were instructed to act in connection with the realisation of the event.
The effective racing rules of the ISAF, the administrative regulations regatta-sailing and the articles of association of the DSV, the class rules as well as the regulations of the invitation to the competition and the sailing instructions are to be complied with and are expressly recognised.
German law shall prevail.
Rights to use name and likeness:
In participating in the event, a competitor automatically grants the organising authority and the sponsors of this regatta, the right in perpetuity, to make, use and show, from time to time and at their discretion, any motion pictures, still motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of him/her during the period of the competition for the said of Warnemünder Woche in which the competitor participates and in all material related to the said of Warnemünder Woche without compensation.
Every boat may receive on-board-cameras, GPS navigators or similar equipment.
One crane is located in the yacht harbor "Hohe Düne" of Warnemünde. The instructions of the Harbor Master have to be followed strictly.
Haul Out Restrictions:
All boats must be afloat by 09:00 on 4th July and must remain afloat until the completion of the last race, unless permission to haul out for repairs is granted by the International Jury.
It is possible to order rooms stating that you attend the Warnemünder Woche.
Please consult one of the following addresses:

Kuramt Warnemünde
Vogtei Am Strom 59, D 18119 Warnemünde
Phone : + 49 (381) 5480010 Fax : + 49 (381) 5480030

Warnemünder Zimmervermittlung Reisedienst
Am Bahnhof 5,18119 Warnemünde
Phone : + 49 (381) 5190088 Fax : + 49 (381) 5190658

Places for pitching tents and parking caravans will be allocated by the organizing office on entry.
For reserving a place for caravan or tent, please use the entry form.

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